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Business Development Branding


Thank you for the opportunity to present this website proposal. We know there are many companies out there that build websites but we focus on building relationships to help our customers create their vision.

We start by taking time to understand the main goal you want to accomplish so it can it speak volumes on your website and promote your business

Our talents and emphasis are to transfer your unique style onto your website. Which is why we elected to use a distinctive way to present our proposal because we offer fresh, innovative and creative designs.

White Flowers

Unique Designs

We then skip the cookie cutter approach in building your website because we already know that Your Name Here Funeral Services is going to be a unique place to dine.  In knowing this, your website deserves to display originality that directly mirrors your services. The last thing you should desire is to have a “basic” website design created from pre-built templates.


We are pleased to submit a proposal for website design and development.

Increasingly, users are visiting websites on mobile devices with a wide range of screen sizes. We design all of our websites with mobile-responsiveness in mind. Your website will be created to adapt and scale to any device, just like this proposal! 

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